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Ranunculus Elegance Chocolate (Cioccolato 158)

Ranunculus Elegance Chocolate (Cioccolato 158)

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  • 10 Corms
  • Size 4/5
  • Ships mid-to-late October 2023

Ranunculus Elegance Cioccolato is a stunning and alluring variety of the Ranunculus flower. As the name suggests, 'Cioccolato' refers to its captivating chocolate-brown color, reminiscent of rich, dark cocoa. The blooms of this variety exude an air of elegance and luxury with their velvety, deep-hued petals. Each flower showcases layers of delicately textured and tightly packed petals, creating a sense of opulence and beauty. Ranunculus Elegance Cioccolato adds a touch of sophistication to any garden or floral arrangement, making it a sought-after choice for those seeking a unique and captivating bloom. Its deep, rich color can be a striking contrast or complement to other flowers, adding depth and visual interest to bouquets and centerpiece designs.

Ranunculus corms are ready to be planted in the fall if you're in Zones 7-10. Cooler zone? No worries! Cover them up or start indoors as winter winds down. Ranunculus corms begin shipping in October, and we'll make sure to toss in some growing instructions too.

Here's the Ranunculus lowdown:

  • These plants are perennials in zones 7-11
  • You're looking at a maximum height of about 12 inches.
  • Full sun
  • The blooms will make their grand entrance in late spring.

Say goodbye to common Ranunculus, as our improved collection of Italian Ranunculus features longer stems, increased productivity, and larger, petal-packed blooms. Italian Ranunculus is improved to thrive in more climates.

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