Collection: Peony

Our peony roots are big and beautiful! They ship with 3-5 eyes or 5-7 eyes, so be sure to check each product listing for details. Peonies ship in November. This is when our supplier ships, and they ship at this time because this is the best time for planting. 

PEONIES ARE COLD-HARDY PERENNIALS, and can be planted anytime the ground is not frozen solid. Remember- soil temperatures are not the same as air temperatures, and peonies need the winter chill. If you are concerned about the ground freezing before your bare root arrives, simply dig your holes and prep the site in advance.

We guarantee our peonies are healthy, and true to variety. We are so confident that we offer a conditional warranty for the growing season. Click here to read the complete policy.

Peonies will grow for decades, but require patience to establish. These beauties are worth the wait, so start now! Once your peony plants mature, you can cut as many stems as you like. During the first few years, it’s best to cut just few stems and let the plants retain as much of their foliage as possible. This will give them the maximum amount of energy to bulk up their root system.