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Fashion Monger Collarette Dahlia

Fashion Monger Collarette Dahlia

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Preorder for Spring: This is a pre-purchase item as there is a limited number available. 

Form: Collarette

Height: 24-32”


Fashion Monger is a gorgeous but compact collarette dahlia. Pollinators love the open center, and it’s perfect for small spaces like borders and containers. The outer petals are full of berry strokes that contrast ruffled inner petals for tons texture. Bees and pollinators love visiting these, and they’re even great for adding a space of color to your vegetable beds.


Dahlias are a tender perennial that are vigorous and fast growing. Dahlia tubers must be lifted for the winter from the ground in zones 7 and lower. This is an outstanding addition to the flower border or container garden. Dahlias are an old-fashioned favorite and have superb, long-lasting cut flowers. Flowers bloom the first year and add a lovely spot of color in the garden. Heat resistant. Your Dahlias will bloom from mid-summer until frost. They are a welcome addition to the garden late in the season when other flowers are fading.

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