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Cornel Bronze Dahlia

Cornel Bronze Dahlia

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Preorder for Spring 2024

Blooms: Miniature Ball (MB) over 2.5-3”

Form: Formal Decorative 

Height: 36-48”


Introduced 2005

Cornel Bronze is beautiful miniature ball flower with rounded, warm, bronze, pumpkin petals. They produce loads of long lovely stems - highly desired by florists. This is a productive and reliable variety with blooms up to 4”. 

Here’s what you need to know about the Cornel family of dahlias: These sports all share the same great reliability, growth and tuber habits; Cornel Bronze, Ivanetti (purple), Isabel (lavender) and Caitlin's Joy (pink).

Floret’s Library: Cornel Bronze


Spring Dahlia Shipping

New for 2024 Spring-Shipped Dahlias: Orders are shipped in the order received, not by zone. Pre-orders will begin shipping in April 2024 and should be completed by mid-May.


We guarantee our tubers are healthy, gall-free, and true to variety. We are so confident in our tubers that we offer a conditional warranty for the growing season.Click here to read the complete policy.

Grow & Care

Dahlias are tender perennials, vigorous and fast growing. Dahlia tubers must be lifted for the winter from the ground in zones 7 and lower.


Dahlias require soil that drains freely. Clay soil should be amended. Planting in raised beds can help alleviate moisture concerns. Tuber loss due to moisture rot is the leading cause for plant loss.

Plant 6" deep. Dig hole at least twice the width of your tuber to reduce soil compaction. 

Label and stake your Dahlia at planting. Tubers do not need to be watered unless you are dealing with especially dry conditions. Whatever Mother Nature provides will be enough.


When Dahlias reach 10-12", the center tip should be pinched. This will create a bushier plan and yield more blooms. Without pinching, the plant will grow one tall, thick central stalk.

Your Dahlias will bloom from mid-summer until frost. Keep spent blooms trimmed and you'll enjoy repeat blooms all season long.

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