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King’s Day Peony

King’s Day Peony

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Introducing King's Day Peony: A Magnificent Semi-Double Salmon-Orange Hybrid

Big, premium roots. This variety ships with 3-5 eyes. 

Fall-shipped beginning in November. Be sure to read the shipping tab below!

Prepare to be enchanted by the majestic beauty of King's Day Peony, a semi-double hybrid boasting stunning salmon-orange blossoms that grace the early to mid-season. Similar to the beloved 'Coral Sunset' variety, King's Day offers a more robust and resilient character, ensuring an exceptional floral experience. Let's explore the remarkable qualities of this extraordinary peony:

Majestic Semi-Double Blooms: King's Day showcases captivating 7-inch pastel blossoms in a mesmerizing shade of salmon-orange. With its semi-double petal formation, this peony exhibits a multi-layered and luxurious appearance that evokes a sense of opulence and refinement.

Sturdy and Stems: The sturdy and heavy stems of King's Day are a testament to its strength and resilience. These robust stems effortlessly support the weight of the magnificent blossoms, ensuring that the flowers remain proudly displayed. With their reliable structure, the stems provide stability and longevity, allowing the blooms to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Excellent Growth and Productivity: King's Day peony is not only a captivating beauty but also an excellent grower. This variety exhibits vigorous growth, showcasing its vitality and adaptability. With its productive nature, King's Day promises to fill your garden or floral arrangements with an abundance of stunning blooms, making it a true treasure for peony enthusiasts.

A Cut-Flower Marvel: Introduced in 2019, King's Day has swiftly become a coveted variety for cut-flower arrangements. Its gorgeous blossoms, sturdy stems, and impressive vase life make it a perfect choice for floral enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether adorning bouquets or adding elegance to floral displays, King's Day delivers unrivaled beauty and sophistication.

Rarity and Future Prominence: While still relatively difficult to find, King's Day is destined to become a standard in the captivating salmon-orange color category. Its unique combination of semi-double blooms, sturdy stems, and exceptional growth potential sets it apart as a sought-after variety that promises to leave a lasting impression.

With its luxurious blooms, robust stems, excellent growth, and suitability as a cut-flower peony, King's Day is a treasure that deserves its place in your garden and floral arrangements. Embrace this remarkable variety and experience the enchantment it brings to your world.

November Shipping

2024 Fall-Shipped Peonies: Orders are shipped in the order received, not by zone. Pre-orders will begin shipping in early-to-mid November 2024. PEONIES ARE COLD-HARDY PERENNIALS, and can be planted anytime the ground is not frozen solid. Remember- soil temperatures are not the same as air temperatures. Peonies need the winter chill. If you are concerned about the ground freezing before your bare root arrives, simply dig your holes and prep the site in advance.


We guarantee our plants are healthy, and true to variety. We are so confident that we offer a conditional warranty for the growing season.Click here to read the complete policy.

Grow & Care

Peonies are long-lived plants that can thrive for a century or more. The root system of a peony is not only large, it's also quite different from that of most other perennials. Peonies have two types of roots. Fine, fibrous ones that absorb water and nutrients, and tuberous roots that are as thick your finger and very brittle. The thick ones are actually underground stems with “eyes” that sprout new shoots.


Since some of a peony’s roots are actually underground stems, it’s important not to plant them too deeply. There should be no more than about an inch of soil covering the upper-most roots. If they are deeper than that, you will get a robust plant, but very few flowers.

During the first growing season, the soil will gradually settle around the newly-planted roots. Sometimes this results in the roots sitting deeper than intended. If this happens, gently lift the roots so they are at the correct level. If you decide to mulch the area, keep the root zone right under the plant bare. Dig hole at least twice the width of your roots to reduce soil compaction. 


Once your peony plants mature, you can cut as many stems as you like. But during the first few years, it’s best to cut just few stems and let the plants retain as much of their foliage as possible. This will give them the maximum amount of energy to bulk up their root system.

When the plants finish blooming, use scissors or sharp pruning shears to cut off the dead blossoms. Try to do this before the seed pods form. Remove the flower as well as about 6” of the stem. This will allow the rest of the foliage to hide the cut stems.

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