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Anemone Mistral Plus Panda 10 Pack

Anemone Mistral Plus Panda 10 Pack

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Unleash a floral frenzy with our Anemone Mistral Plus Panda 10 Pack! These anemones feature a striking bloom with a playful black center, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any bouquet. Boasting long stems and a cut flower design, these blooms are sure to make a statement. Get your pack today and let your creativity bloom!

Corm size: 4/5

10 Pack

Photo Credit: Onings

Shipping Begins October 2024

Ranunculus and anemone begin shipping in October 2024 and are shipped in the order received, not by zone. Pre-orders will begin shipping in early-to-mid October 2024 and will continue shipping as orders are received until sold out. Most zones can easily plant as late as January 2025 to get blooms before the heat, and many areas can plant safely into February.


We guarantee our plants are healthy, and true to variety. We are so confident that we offer a conditional warranty for the growing season.Click here to read the complete policy.

Grow & Care

When planting ranunculus, place pre-soaked corms 4" deep into the soil. Water thoroughly after planting, and then water as needed to keep the roots from drying out. Until blooms emerge, Ranunculus can tolerate temperatures brief temperature dips down to 23°F (no more than a couple of hours). Lower temps or extended periods will need additional protection. Once blooms emerge, frost protection will be needed. Ranunculus typically will stop producing buds when temperatures average above 70°F and will move towards dormancy as temperatues rise above 80°F.

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