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Bee Spinner Balance Drifter Garden Stake 43"

Bee Spinner Balance Drifter Garden Stake 43"

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Balance drifters are unique sculptures that add lively motion to you garden. They appear to hover in mid-air, free-floating, then bobble and weave with each shift of wind. These pieces of kinetic art balance from the center-point cup on the stake and are light weight enough to shift or spin with the slightest of wind.

The bumblebee adds a whimsical touch as it wobbles & drifts. Place it in you flower garden and it will appear to be feeding. Handcrafted & painted, the be measures about 15” wide & will float about 40” above ground. The only one who can protect the Queen Bee is her hub-bee.

Includes dual stabilizing ground fork.

Perfect for poolside garden. Great gift for any gardener.

Measures approximately: 15" x 12.75 x 43.5"


Handcrafted & finished.

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