This Is How We Do It: Cut-Flower Planning

This Is How We Do It: Cut-Flower Planning

As we move into spring, it only makes sense to summarize some of my favorite ways to plan cut-flower magic. 

I utilize digital resources, but I return to pen and paper at the end of the day. My Laurel Denise vertical weekly planner is the dashboard for my life and business. Speaking of digital resources, I track a lot of information for my dahlias! 

For anyone interested, I've included a link to a handy-dandy Dahlia tracking spreadsheet that somebody can use for just about any plant. You can even build your rows by adding locations. This incredible resource is free from Idlewild Blooms.

As for the planners, Laurel Denise just released some new products, and I am incredibly obsessed with two.

The first object of my obsession is the Laurel Denise undated vertical weekly planner with the Peony Slumber cover. If the Laurel Denise team sees this, I will need Peony Slumber produced in wallpaper format. If you didn't start in January, the undated planners are perfect because you can start now without wasting space! You can take complete control and customize these to your heart's desire—also, 10% by using the code planttogrow at checkout.

Laurel Denise Planner Peony Print
The other product I love from the new release is an undated project planner with a sewn binding. This gorgeous purple planner has become my new plant diary. It fits inside of my folio, but I can't pull it out and take it into the field or to my work table without worrying so much about mucking up my dashboard.
Updated Project Planner, Royalty
By the way, checkout this short video if you are on Instagram. I hope in all of my excitement, you're able to get a better look at the new stuff (if you're interested in that sort of thing). I purchased all of these products because I'm a true believer in the Laurel Denise magic.

On to the fun stuff!

During the winter, I like to save inspiration. I've started a list on the back pages of some bouquets I want to make this season. I've listed some recipes on the back pages.

Flower Bouquet Recipes
These recipes are from The Love Language of Flowers: Floriography and Elevated, Achievable, Vintage-Style Arrangements by Jess Buttermore and Lisa McGuinness.

Dahlia Cutting Log

I just started a cutting log in my fancy new purple planner. I am tracking the dahlias that I am trying to wake for cuttings. Data points include the dates I pulled them from storage, the date eyes became visible (time to wake), when I could take the first cutting, how long it took it to root, and similar information for subsequent cuttings.

Dahlia Cutting Log
Now that I am using a planner as a plant diary, I can be messy, write what I want, and not worry about it getting lost in my daily operations. I have lists of what I can harvest each week, notes about failed seedlings, and also what I'm growing, sowing, feeding, etc. 
I'm thinking next month will need more space for harvest and I'll start tracking stems cut each week, too.
I love using the habit tracker to keep up with my trays, cuttings, tender plants, and harvest days. 
Here's an example of how to track bouquet subscriptions and events around harvest dates:

Here are two different examples of a seed trackers using a Gannt method. 

This method shows target dates via highlighter, making it easy to compare and note what happened. Understanding specific timelines and harvest windows can help you collect better data for next year's growing.
Here's a similar setup using different colors to track germination, growth, and projected bloom periods. 
Did you know we have a group dedicated to planning and growing? We'd love for you to join us and share what works or doesn't work for you. Click here to check it out.
Over on the group, we're beginning to see more activity. Super planner Katie shares her badassery on a regular basis. She is the founder of Wild Earth Gardens. Both her mind and her penmanship are impeccable. You can find her on the 'gram at  @wildearthgardenstn.
Look at how she is using the back-pages for space planning! 
She uses this pop-in-planner with a wet-erase marker in the greenhouse to stay focused.
She also uses the back pages for functional and pretty plans.

I hope this gives you some ideas for planning your 2024 gardens. 

Reminder: Share your cut-flower plans with the group! 

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