Dahlia News as of May 2, 2024


Dahlias are beautiful. Farming is beautiful. I can honestly say that I have been kind to every single customer, but some of you cannot say the same. I am not here for confrontation. I am known for being highly responsive and agreeable. I cannot and will not spend time on message boards defending myself, my business, or my livelihood. 

Most orders placed before April 12, 2024 have shipped. For the other orders that have not shipped, if the order was placed between April 13 and April 28, 2024, you are shipping May 3 & 4. A few remaining orders need until the weekend. Some tubers  need a few more days to verify eyes: Henriette, Mister Frans, Night Silence* and Sweet Sanne,* I'm still looking at you.

Policies listed on each production description, the landing page, the policy page, and the terms at checkout clearly state that shipping occurs April through mid-May. The only other thing I know to do to make this more clear is to add a pop-up box, but people will forget, and if I added a pop-up box, someone would just send nasty emails about how it took them longer to get to checkout. 

Shortages and Substitutions:

I am reaching out to customers individually related regarding any shortages to make arrangements prior to the final restock in case a substitution is desired. This takes a little bit of time. I am 100% not making excuses here, but I did not expect to lose my father last fall during the dig, and I did not expect to have my disabled mother in hospice during shipping season. Life happens. Please be patient. There is an actual human over here working her ass off to spread beauty and joy and kindness. 

I will gladly resolve any problems, but some of y'all need to calm the fuirk down. If you are fired up and rowdy, go for a walk or pray or do whatever you need to do and let's try to keep things in perspective: These are plants. Gorgeous, glorious, wonderful, plants.

No one is dying if your KA's Apricot Jam gets cancelled.

If you were lucky enough to get Fawn, that means you have super high-speed internet and a life that affords enough flexibility to drop everything for a specific sale. So many people don't even have the kind of job where they can do that (shout out to people in manufacturing, security, military, nurses, call centers, truck drivers, customer service, etc).

If you are able to spend $15 on a tuber or $40 on a tuber, it means that you probably live comfortably enough to have clean water, access to education for yourself and kids, a roof over your head, and a safe place to grow those tubers. We are so freakin' blessed. How spoiled are we that we can get in a car and drive to a restaurant, select from list of foods, have someone make that food for us, have that food brought to our table, and then have our dirty dishes taken away for under $20? 

If you received a message that I am not able to fulfill part of your order, I'm so sorry. I truly am. Trust me -  I have lost way more sleep over it than you can imagine. I'd like to note that I am not the only person cancelling orders. I've had orders cancelled from more than a dozen sellers. It happens. Again, I'm so sorry. I am beyond upset by this.

Be kind.



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