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Ranunculus Success Grand Pastel

Ranunculus Success Grand Pastel

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  • 10 Corms
  • Size 3/4
  • Ships mid-to-late October 2023

These big blooms boast layer after layer of gorgeous blooms. Ranunculus are often referred to as the roses of the spring and this line is sometimes compared to peonies. Grand Pastel is the King of the Cloni as it is the largest Cloni on the market! Petals are a soft pink to cream with a barely green center.

photo credit: Onings America 

Here's the Ranunculus lowdown:

  • These plants are perennials in zones 7-11
  • You're looking at a maximum height of about 12 inches.
  • Full sun
  • The blooms will make their grand entrance in late spring.

Say goodbye to common Ranunculus, as our improved collection of Italian Ranunculus features longer stems, increased productivity, and larger, petal-packed blooms. Italian Ranunculus is improved to thrive in more climates.

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