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Petunia - Italian Cutting Type Doppio Allegretto

Petunia - Italian Cutting Type Doppio Allegretto

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Ships week 14 / APRIL 3

Plug size: 128 )This means the plugs are from a 128-cell tray)

Petunias used to be found tall and upright- not like the wave varieties at every big box retailer. These are frilly, double, tall, and great as a cut flower- not at all like the dwarf, mounding types we’re used to seeing.

petunias as a cut flower? Yes. 

Grow close together for the best stem length so they really reach for the sky. 6” spacing can product 4-foot stems. 

These don’t mind cool weather and are also workhorses in the heat. 

Doppio Allegretto are primarily shades of purple and lavender.

Plugs are excluded from Plant Guarantee. I have ordered from an ultra-premium U.S. grower and will only ship healthy, beautiful plugs. Orders will be packed in wood shavings to help insulate the little baby plants. Not responsible for damage from/during/after shipping. We will pack healthy little plants and ship priority. 

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