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Digitalis Apricot Beauty (Foxglove)

Digitalis Apricot Beauty (Foxglove)

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4 Plugs - Vernalized Dormancy (read about vernalized dormancy below)

Plug size: Big! 32 (This means the plugs are from a 32-cell tray). These are large and deep plugs with big root system - ready to jump into action. 

Ships week 15 / Week of April 3

These pot-up to a 4" container after wake-up, and retail for $12.00 per plant.

If you missed toe chance to plant in the fall, never fear! These are large-cell plugs and have received their full winter treatment - ready to bloom! These are ready to rock and reward you with late spring blooms that are usually followed by reblooming side shoots!

Vernalized Dormancy

These plants were started in the summer of 2022, and then held in a cold but protected facility over winter to increase root mass. These plants will save you a full year of growth time to help get them into production faster! Since they will just be coming out of dormancy, they will look dead or yellowed. Never fear! These plants are dormant, or just breaking dormancy exactly like your other perennials!


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